Recipe / Guacamole


This is yummy, and as avocados (more specifically guac) are such a thing now, I thought I would try it out myself. 

2-3 tbsp Gourmet Garden Chilli Paste
 (You can use real chillies, but I found this worked better as it is distributed throughout instead of chilli bites. You can add more/less as to how spicy you like it)
2 Tomatoes 
1 Onion
1 tbsp Lemon/Lime Juice
A pinch of salt
3 Avocados

Peel the avocados, remove the stone and mash depending on your desired consistency. Chop the onion and tomato into small pieces. Add in each ingredient, there is no set order (although I would add the juice and salt after the avocado is mashed)
It is literally that simple, you don't have to include every ingredient (probably should try and remember the avocados though) and you can add other extra's such as coriander. It should last 2-3 days, keep it in an airtight container in the fridge as the avocados can turn brown if air reaches it. I like to grill tortilla wraps and dip them in, but it can be paired with anything! Enjoy! 


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