London & Sam Smith

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This past weekend has been a busy one for me, I travelled down to London for my dad's birthday...

I've been wanting to try Bill's for it feels like my whole life, and when my dad suggested it I jumped right on that idea, I won't say I forced my family to go, but there really was no other option (sorry not sorry, they all loved it too so happy faces all round). I had the pancakes and they were literally amazing, if you haven't been, go and try them asap. 

We also went to see Evita in the West End which was fantastic. Although the best part was probably the ice cream at the interval (sorry dad), I had cookies & cream for future reference/present ideas/ways to impress me...

Finally, me and my two favourite lovebugs went to see Sam Smith at the O2 Academy. He was amazing, so humble and it was probably my favourite gig I've been to (rivalling Lana). 

I wish all my weekends were as fun as this one, this week I will most likely be in my uni library crying over my dissertation (third year problems). 


10 Reasons Why I Love Lena Dunham

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1. She created one of my fave tv shows, Girls. (It's set in New York so I'm going to love it) 

2. She is fricking hilarious, sometimes I just scroll down her twitter for a lol... 

3. She's a pro choice advocate and a feminist. 

4. She isn't scared to speak her mind.

5. Her platinum blonde hair is cool as hell.

6. She doesn't take herself too seriously, case in point: this picture on her instagram. I feel like we all should take a leaf out of her book. 

7. She is a brilliant role model.  

8. Her dog is adorable.

9. She's extremely honest about her past and personal experiences which I love and in turn makes her very relatable.

10. She is generally a cool gal and I find her very inspiring.  

Lena do you want to be my best friend? 


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Currently Loving / Vogue 73 Questions


I first stumbled across Vogue's 73 question video's a few months ago and loved the idea. Filmed in a single take, the interviewer asks the personalities random questions which prove to be very interesting. They have shot features with Reese Witherspoon (watch alone just to see her house- amazing!), Blake Lively and Anna Wintour (apparently she hates all black outfits, who knew?!). Vogue have lots of other cool videos on their Youtube channel, I especially love the Instagirl features. Also, this video with Joan Smalls is so cute, crushin' on her all day every day. 


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Top Five / Birmingham


Having lived in Birmingham for just over 2 years, I thought I would show my favourite little haunts that you may not have heard of...

1/ Jekyll and Hyde- An adorable bar and gin parlour located within the Colmore Business District. They provide a cosy and warm atmosphere as well as amazing cocktails, my favourite being 'Love Hearts' (Love Heart sweets sit on the top...). Prices are reasonable and they usually have a cocktail hour.

2/ The Lost and Found- A pub/restaurant set in a beautiful building with gorgeous interiors and attention to detail, this is a great one for a roast. The pancakes are also pretty good!

3/ Boston Tea Party- One of my absolute favourites in Birmingham. Great atmosphere, interiors and cakes (brownie, bakewell tart, rocky road; I've tried them all...) Their american style pancakes are the best I've tried and its just a really cool cafe. Go, now. 

4/ Red Peppers- Located in The Mailbox, Red Peppers is a grill & cantina overlooking the pretty canal. A great one for a special occasion, they have the best enchiladas, ribs, brownies... my favourite restaurant in Birmingham.

5/ Brindley Place- With lots of bars and restaurants, Brindley Place is an ideal area to go to for drinks with friends. It overlooks the canal and the fairy lights decorating the trees give a really lovely atmosphere. 


Bodega & London


In between lectures and dissertation research I have had a few fun days which in my opinion are completely necessary... 

Current Favourites:
BB Cream & Other Stories, Hoola Bronzer Benefit, Brow Drama Maybelline, 
Studio Finish Concealer MAC, Artliner LancĂ´me, 
Buffing Brush Real Techniques, Powder Brush ELF

BellaElliott, and I went to see Gone Girl which we all loved. Rosamund Pike is an absolute babe, the definition of an english rose, love her. 
We then went to Bodega, which is a South American cantina in Birmingham (similar to Wahaca). I had the pulled pork nacho's, chipotle chicken quesadilla's (have to get it when I can, I love you Chipotle) and a Peruvian Wiseguy cocktail. I would definitely recommend. 

The next day we boarded a coach to London with our uni course. We visited the V+A (Disobedient Objects Exhibition) and Dover Street Market. Both were cool to see and worth a visit if you are near by! My favourite part was when we were given time to explore London ourselves. My fellow musketeers and I went to Pret for lunch (chipotle chicken and avocado sandwich for me, can you see there is a pattern here...) and we also paid a cheeky visit to Ben's Cookies because they are our fave cookies and so yummy, I feel like I've never seen Elliott happier than with a triple choc chunk in his hand...


Recipe / Guacamole


This is yummy, and as avocados (more specifically guac) are such a thing now, I thought I would try it out myself. 

2-3 tbsp Gourmet Garden Chilli Paste
 (You can use real chillies, but I found this worked better as it is distributed throughout instead of chilli bites. You can add more/less as to how spicy you like it)
2 Tomatoes 
1 Onion
1 tbsp Lemon/Lime Juice
A pinch of salt
3 Avocados

Peel the avocados, remove the stone and mash depending on your desired consistency. Chop the onion and tomato into small pieces. Add in each ingredient, there is no set order (although I would add the juice and salt after the avocado is mashed)
It is literally that simple, you don't have to include every ingredient (probably should try and remember the avocados though) and you can add other extra's such as coriander. It should last 2-3 days, keep it in an airtight container in the fridge as the avocados can turn brown if air reaches it. I like to grill tortilla wraps and dip them in, but it can be paired with anything! Enjoy! 


Afternoon Tea / The Ritz Carlton Hotel New York


Whilst we were in New York, I surprised Bella with a 21st birthday afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (you have to book beforehand, I emailed a few weeks earlier, it was very easy and they were extremely helpful). We were greeted by complimentary cookies and taken to the Star Lounge in which they host the afternoon tea. We were taken to our table, chose our drinks (Old Blue Eyes for me, Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Bella. I'm not a tea drinker but it was good as far as fruit tea's go) and waited in anticipation for the food. 

The sandwich selection came first; egg salad, chicken tarragon salad (my favourite), cucumber and dill, lobster (Bella was not a fan of this and had to quickly run to the restrooms. Stay away from the fish Bella....I loved it though so if you are a fan of seafood, go for it and enjoy.)

Next to come was my favourite part.... the scones. However, I did not take a picture because I was too busy appreciating how yummy they were. They were moist, full of raisin's and the edges were brushed with caramelised sugar. One word: amazing. I'm still dreaming of them now. 

Finally, they produced a selection of cakes. These were okay, nothing special though, the scones were the real winner here.

I would definitely go back, it's so lovely for a special occasion or for a cheeky treat. When in New York...


New York Photo Diary: Part 2



New York Photo Diary: Part 1


When my friend asked me to meet her in NYC, I didn't take too much convincing. New York was a place I had always wanted to visit and I simply couldn't pass the opportunity up. Our other friend seemingly couldn't resist either as he decided to join as well (yay). Two of my favourite faces and New York? Quite possibly one of the best combinations I can think of. I was there for my 21st birthday, which made me feel very lucky. I fell completely in love, like nowhere else and can't wait to go back.  

Some highlights of New York for me were:

Top of the Rock (The best views)
Chipotle (Chipotle is my life)
Dunkin Donuts
Biking around Central Park
Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
Shake Shack 
Chelsea Market
Le Bain (A club in the Meatpacking District with a pool and rooftop bar. This is a fab spot if you want to experience a taste of New York nightlife and see great views!)
Meeting some super cool Australian's
Coney Island

It was the most amazing two weeks ever and I wish I could go back and relive it. 


(Part 2 will be up soon because I was too snap happy)