Afternoon Tea / The Ritz Carlton Hotel New York


Whilst we were in New York, I surprised Bella with a 21st birthday afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (you have to book beforehand, I emailed a few weeks earlier, it was very easy and they were extremely helpful). We were greeted by complimentary cookies and taken to the Star Lounge in which they host the afternoon tea. We were taken to our table, chose our drinks (Old Blue Eyes for me, Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Bella. I'm not a tea drinker but it was good as far as fruit tea's go) and waited in anticipation for the food. 

The sandwich selection came first; egg salad, chicken tarragon salad (my favourite), cucumber and dill, lobster (Bella was not a fan of this and had to quickly run to the restrooms. Stay away from the fish Bella....I loved it though so if you are a fan of seafood, go for it and enjoy.)

Next to come was my favourite part.... the scones. However, I did not take a picture because I was too busy appreciating how yummy they were. They were moist, full of raisin's and the edges were brushed with caramelised sugar. One word: amazing. I'm still dreaming of them now. 

Finally, they produced a selection of cakes. These were okay, nothing special though, the scones were the real winner here.

I would definitely go back, it's so lovely for a special occasion or for a cheeky treat. When in New York...



  1. Oo making me very jealous, I've always wanted to go for afternoon tea at The Ritz!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. the little plates and cups look so cute. probably my favorite part of any tea.

  3. aah everything looks so cute!

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