New York Photo Diary: Part 1


When my friend asked me to meet her in NYC, I didn't take too much convincing. New York was a place I had always wanted to visit and I simply couldn't pass the opportunity up. Our other friend seemingly couldn't resist either as he decided to join as well (yay). Two of my favourite faces and New York? Quite possibly one of the best combinations I can think of. I was there for my 21st birthday, which made me feel very lucky. I fell completely in love, like nowhere else and can't wait to go back.  

Some highlights of New York for me were:

Top of the Rock (The best views)
Chipotle (Chipotle is my life)
Dunkin Donuts
Biking around Central Park
Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
Shake Shack 
Chelsea Market
Le Bain (A club in the Meatpacking District with a pool and rooftop bar. This is a fab spot if you want to experience a taste of New York nightlife and see great views!)
Meeting some super cool Australian's
Coney Island

It was the most amazing two weeks ever and I wish I could go back and relive it. 


(Part 2 will be up soon because I was too snap happy) 

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