Summer in London


I've recently finished university and have moved back home, which is all well and good for the unlimited free food, but all my friends live miles away so last weekend I went to London to visit my friend Elliott. Luckily for us it was extremely warm so we headed to Hampstead Heath (as well as a million other Londoners apparently). We had a picnic and caught up with each others lives, Elliott has a new job and is killing it so I was more than happy to listen to his exciting life rather than describe how many chocolate digestives I seem to eat on a daily basis now I am unemployed, (I am actively trying to change this, someone please hire me). We also decided to have a dip in the bathing ponds at the park, which was very refreshing/slightly terrifying as you can't feel the bottom of the pond and we both realised we are not strong swimmers at all, but at least we gave it a go! On Sunday we had a wander around Brick Lane/Shoreditch, visited around 345134 markets and then went for a roast dinner (a rule of life). I wish every weekend was like this!


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