A Letter to July

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Dear July,

You are this time around, a month of looking. After moving away from what was my home for 3 years, I now find myself back with familiar faces who have known me since I came into this world. Everything is different, I have no schedule to adhere to and no person to report to. Although, I am hoping this will change soon.

My life as I know it currently, is in a state of limbo. I am trying to find a new environment in which I can dedicate myself to, be challenged by and allow new souls to connect with. I have come close, but it has not happened yet. There are times I think about how much this bothers me and sometimes it feels like I am a wall, getting knocked down one brick at a time. But this usually doesn't last for long.  I have faith that everything will fall into place when it is supposed to. 

July, you have only just begun and you have already given me lots to be happy about.
By the time you leave again, I hope to still be smiling.

Love, Nicola


(This blog post was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth's 'Letters to July' series which you can find here.)

1 comment

  1. I love the idea of this post. Everything will fall into place for you im sure, just keep working towards your goals and dreams!

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