My university experience has been everything I expected x a million. After moving to Birmingham 3 years ago, not knowing a single soul, I am now coming out the other side with a head full of memories, 2 best friends and lots of nostalgic tears. For me university was always where I wanted to go and it was the best decision I've ever made in my short life, so if you want to go and have the opportunity to go, then do it. Here are some other tips I wish somebody would have told me / things I have learnt -

1. Go to every freshers event. You might think you can't hack 2 nights out in a row, but trust me you can. You only get one freshers week (2nd/3rd years don't count), make the most of it.

2. You will get caught up in this new crazy adventure and your people at home will be so happy you are happy, but don't forget to check in with them.

3. Say yes to every opportunity.

4. Some friendships won't last past your university years and that's okay, just cherish the good times.

5. Appreciate every single minute but especially first year when everything is new, exciting and carefree.

Leaving Birmingham and all the memories and people with it, is quite terrifying and overwhelming but I'm excited for the future and Birmingham, I'm sure I will see you again.


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